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Helping plan + document couples dream day in the Appalachian Mountains and beyond

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Hey Guys! 

We’re Alexis + Mikey Gordon

Your nature loving photographers and helping hands. 

We’re so glad our paths crossed because that means you’re looking to get married alittle differently.

If you’re ready to ditch all of the unnecessary stressful stuff and create a wedding day that  feels 100% you then you came to the right place. 

What is an "Adventure Elopement"?

An adventure elopement is an intimate, meaningful, and true to you wedding day experience in the great outdoors. It's when you make the decision to ditch the big wedding expectations and do what you want, how you want it with the mountains, waterfalls, red rocks or forest as your backdrop. We don't just photograph your day, we take the stress out of planning to create a day you're stoked on. With our helpful resources, guides, vendor recommendations, location scouting + unlimited support we will plan a day you two will look back on and cherish forever.

WHat Better way to kick off the next chapter of your lives than with an adventure?

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Adventure elopement photographers

Behind the Camera


We live simply and intentionally, value experiences over things and were not thrilled on the idea of having big wedding so we eloped! It was hands down the best decision. We knew there had to be other couples like us being pressured into a traditional wedding and wanted to show you that its NOT your only option. 

REady to start married life with an adventure?