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The best way to start married life together is with an unforgettable experience. Making the bold choice to say no to having a traditional wedding is no small decision so congrats on making that leap! The best way to start the day is with an inquiry in our inbox so expect to hear back from us no later than 48hours. We will give you guys the option of a facetime or photocall to discuss your vision and expectations for your wedding day.

Before you hit that send button please be sure that you’ve reviewed our Packages & Pricing page. Everything is fully customizable to suit every adventurous spirit. We are SO excited to hear from you, so now its your turn.

We can’t wait to meet you.

Adventure elopement photographers

Frequently Asked Questions

We all know mother nature can be unpredictable. We don’t reschedule, we adjust. 

Since our schedule is built out for months in advance we do not reschedule for weather. But don’t worry, we have experience shooting in all kinds of weather and always figure out backup options with our couples that are just as amazing (if not more) as the original. 

Nope! There are so many other ways to have an adventure elopement that do not involve hiking. Get in touch with us and we will give you all the suggestions! 

Yes and yes! This is Mikey’s bread and butter, he’s the ultimate adventure planner, navigator, location scouter so we will find the perfect location for your wedding day and will assist you in applying for permits. *Please note that we do not pay for your personal permits, but we do cover any photography permits needed. 

No. Although we are not professional guides we’ve gone on many, many personal adventures and consider ourselves seasoned. Mikey is trained in wilderness first aid as well as Emergency Medicine + we make sure everyone is educated and prepared when adventuring with us. 

We don’t. Elopement and intimate weddings are our thang. We put our all into capturing and helping plan intimate experiences. 

The sooner the better! We’ve been known to whip up an adventure plan together in a little as two weeks but we typically book elopements 6 months to 1 year in advance. 

Once you reach out to us we will discuss the layout of how your elopement day could look and give you examples of what’s doable within certain timeframes.